#SMSCgives Purpose

Making it a top priority to help others, the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community (SMSC) supports local communities from across the state and beyond in a continued effort to embody Dakota values and share resources with others—now and for generations to come. As part of the tribe’s mission to be a good neighbor and good employer, the SMSC established the #SMSCgives Community Outreach Program, an initiative that organizes various outreach opportunities in the local community.

To empower its employees to take part in the Dakota tradition of giving, all SMSC employees and team members are allotted 16 Community Outreach hours per year to use toward #SMSCgives events. The heart of the program concentrates on the goals of assisting others through meaningful activities, building a stronger team across the SMSC, and showing the public yet another way the SMSC gives back.

#SMSCgives Framework

SMSCgives—while a single philanthropic initiative—takes its shape in three distinctive forms:

  1. Donations and Grants

    Guided by a strong tradition of helping others, the value of wόokiya (generosity and helping) has defined the Dakota people for generations. Honoring that tradition, the SMSC contributes to causes, organizations, and tribes across the region, state, and country—and is among the top charitable givers in Minnesota and Indian Country as a whole.

  2. Employee Outreach Program

    Guided by the Dakota tradition of giving and the SMSC’s commitment to being a good neighbor, employer, and steward of the earth, the Employee Outreach Program was established as a collaborative, values-driven effort for employees and team members to take action where help is needed and provide compassion, aid, and opportunities to our local community through acts of service—so that all may lead healthy and vibrant lives for generations to come.

    The goal of this program is to empower employees and team members to participate in the program to impact others in our local area through meaningful activities and events, while also creating a networking opportunity to build strong internal relationships across the SMSC.

  3. Community Member Outreach Program

    This program is a Community Member-exclusive outreach program that was created in an effort to coordinate volunteer opportunities for Community Members and their families.

    Events are created using feedback from Community Members to develop and coordinate events to increase volunteer efforts within Indian Country and the Native organizations who receive funding from the SMSC.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for an #SMSCgives event and submit outreach hours?

  1. Register for the event on the Current Opportunities page.

  2. Go into Workforce Management, found in your UKG profile, and click on “Time-Off Request,” as you would for PTO.

  3. Select your preferred date and time. Then, in the “deduct from” menu, select “Outreach.”

  4. Wait for your supervisor’s approval.

How do I cancel or remove myself from an event?

To remove yourself from an event you previously signed up for, follow the steps below:

  1. On the #SMSCgives homepage, select My Bookings

  2. Find the event you need to remove yourself from and click “Cancel” in the actions tab.

  3. When the pop-up appears stating “Are you sure you want to cancel your booking?” click “OK.”

  4. The page should refresh and state “Booking Canceled.”

  5. You will receive an email confirming the cancellation.

Am I able to sign up multiple coworkers to volunteer for an #SMSCgives event?

Though we encourage group participation, each employee is required to set up their own #SMSCgives account and register for their desired event.

After signing up for an event, where can I pick up an #SMSCgives T-shirt?

T-shirts can be picked up at the Team Member Entrance Security Desk. Contact security dispatch at 952.496.7222 if you have any issues obtaining a shirt.